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Briana is a mama to two little boys born 16 months apart! She & her husband, TJ, have lived in Clarksville for a little over 2 years, but Briana has lived in Middle & West Tennessee home all of her life. 


During her pregnancy with her first son, Briana got certified as a doula after having trouble finding a woman of color (WOC) to be her doula. After a very traumatic emergency birth of her first son, Thomas, Briana knew that birth work was her calling. Bryson, their second son, was born via cesarean as well after an attempt at a TOLAC. The alarming mortality rate of WOC has brought supporting women to the forefront of her career as a registered nurse and doula. Supporting, Empowering, and Educating are the pillars of Briana’s career. 


When Briana isn’t working or supporting a mama, you can find her exploring the surrounding areas with her family, swimming, or watching Grey’s Anatomy. 


While supporting You and your family, you will fall in love with Briana’s loving, nurturing energy & ability to pick up on cues for your needs. 

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